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Guests will adhere to all rules subjected by HKR Ranches. All local and state laws will be followed at all times. No exceptions!

  • Guests must follow all state and federal laws
  • All guests will have a valid hunting license
  • No smoking in blinds or inside lodge
  • No loaded guns allowed in vehicles or inside lodge
  • No drinking (alcohol) before or during hunting hours
  • Management Bucks must be 8pts and a minimum spread equal to the width of the tips of the ears
  • If bucks do not meet these requirements an additional $500 fee will be added to the total cost of the hunt
  • If a nubbin buck is shot, an additional $250 fee will be added to the total cost of the hunt
  • If blood is drawn on any animal it is considered your animal, we will do our best to help you recover your wounded animal. Once the first shot is taken on your game, it is considered a kill whether or not the animal is killed, found, or gets away. No replacement animals will be allowed without an additional fee
  • All guests must sign a Rules and Regulation Agreement and a Liability Release Form upon arrival to ranch

HKR Ranches, LLC

[email protected]